What Your Socks Will Say About Foot Issues

Numerous suggestions can be found on the web on how to get rid of the odor of the feet. Though these techniques are useful and do work, you can be sure that not everything will be for everyone. If you have taken your time to try out some of the techniques, then you know that some will work for you while others will not. Some methods will need a lot of time, and you may be a very busy person. Before trying out all these methods, there is one simple trick you can try, and that is reviewing your sock drawer.

The first thing to check is that you have enough socks that can take you through the week. It is important that you have enough socks so that  you do not have to wear socks again before washing them. It  is good that you compare the days you have to wear socks in a week to the number of pairs of socks you own. If you own at least one pair each day, then you are ready to go. After the week is over, you need to clean your Yo Sox socks for them to be clean for the next time you will need to put them on. When you put on the socks once, they are exposed to bacteria. The growth of the bacteria will be revived when you choose to wear those socks again without washing them,

Ensure that most of the socks you own are made of either cotton or wool. You need to know the best socks that can absorb moisture as not all of them are made for that purpose. Apart from absorbing the sweat, wool and cotton will be able to promote a cool atmosphere for your feet as these fabrics are breathable. The materials that are sure to last for a long time but do not absorb sweat from your feet are polyester and nylon socks. For further details regarding socks, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr75K88G7dg .

You also need to have a variety of sublimation socks so that you will not have to skip wearing socks for the sake of fashion. With the many kinds of socks you can find in the market, you will not have to make a compromise on your comfort or the fashion trends. It does not matter the fashion agenda or the occasion you are going to, there are sure to be socks that will be right for you.

When you have the socks you need, you now need to take care of them. Your socks are best washed by hand, or you can wash them on a gentle cycle if you cannot find the time to do this. Your socks are best maintained by ensuring they are not washed with any chemicals. The best way to dry the socks is by hanging them and not using a dryer.